Centro Sin Fronteras / Familia Latina Unida Fundraiser

Posted Dec 2014 by Rev. Walter Coleman & Emma Lozano   |  Archives, Support

As we enter the year 2015 Familia Latina Unida celebrates the victory in the demand we began 15 years ago, the demand to win protection for the undocumented parents of U.S. citizen children by executive order. It has been eight years since the marches of millions and eight years since Elvira and Saul brought our issue before the whole nation in sanctuary. In the following years, we gathered around the witness of families in hundreds of cities. We thank the tens of thousands of families that participated in this struggle – and the Latino community that rallied around them and showed the power of their unified vote. We also celebrate the dedicated and brilliant leadership of Congressman Luis Gutierrez who always stood with these families. Still, it is not the time to rest.

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Third Week in the Season of Galilee

Posted Jan 2015 by Rev. Walter Coleman   |  Sermon

Yesterday we were in a church and I saw signs on the wall “these are ways you can serve. Our faith calls us to serve God and to serve his people. To serve is to do good for people. Who could be offended by this? Who could oppose it? And yet some service to the people is opposed and opposed violently – as it was with Jesus.

Last week we talked about Jesus in his home region of \Galilee, announcing that the Kingdom was near. He had come into the movement of John the Baptist who sought to build a movement of resistance held together by the spiritual transformation of Baptism. John had been put in prison and Jesus sought to continue and strengthen this movement.

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About Time For Cuba

Posted Dec 2014 by Elvira Arellano   |  Archives

I and my organization, Familia Latina Unida, are strongly in support of President Obama’s initiative to open relationships with Cuba. As Mexicans, like other people from Latin America, we have long had mutual respect for the Cuban revolution and its people. I have been welcomed there and treated with a respect that was often found lacking in the United States.

I see two reasons why the President moved at this time to begin the process of normalizing relationships with Cuba. The interamerican summit will be taking place in April. At the last meeting of the Organization of American States the U.S. was completely isolated. A resolution condemning the U.S. for its imperialist suppression of Cuba was passed with only the U.S. and Canada voting against it. The truth is that the President could not go to the summit in April without his current move to normalizing relations. He was told in no uncertain terms by Latin America: No Cuba, no summit.

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